Rozène : La fille qui n'était pas contente Activity book!

This is an excellent resource, containing a variety of AIM-style activities to enhance the use of our readers!

You may pick and choose from a wide variety of simple language manipulation exercises as well as more creative work with the language. Additional sight passages, sometimes related to French culture and based on the theme of the story are also included in some of the activity books.

This is a wonderful resource that may be used:

  • as enrichment activities
  • as additional assessment material
  • to maximize the benefit of the AIM readers

Activity Book written by: Edite Sammons

Illustrations: Ian Fry

Appropriate for ages: 12-Adult

This is a traditional Iroquois story about a teenage girl named Rozène from the Iroquois nation. Rozène daydreams of meeting a tall young man who will sweep her off her feet. Although her family wants her to marry Orenda, the young man from her village who loves her very much, Rozène wants more. One day, a strong, well-dressed young man arrives at her house and offers to take her away from the village. This is a story about decisions that young people must face as they grow up. It is a story that contains elements of fantasy, adventure and romance, while also giving insight into First Nations culture

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