Digital Workbooks

Digital Workbooks

NEW Feature Alert!!! Our digital workbooks are now projectable! Now you can project your Partner/Group Activities on to your whiteboard. You may model your activities without having to write and rewrite sentences on chart paper or with markers on your whiteboard. There is a typing tool, a drawing tool, an erasing tool, a correction tool, as well as a comment box. Circle and underline errors in different colours. Make drawings in colour as well!

Video demonstration of a typical AIM digital workbook:

To order one or more Digital Student Workbooks, please contact us at the AIM Office at 1.800.668.6288 or 604.984.0015, 
or email:

Please note: As of March 15, 2021, AIM will no longer be supporting of the purchase of digital or hard copy workbooks for old edition kits, where new edition kits are available.

Now, more than ever, our AIM Digital Workbooks are the perfect resource for at-home learning!
Our digital workbooks allow AIM classrooms to successfully transition from paper and pencil activities to 1:1 classrooms!

Features of the Student digital workbooks:

  • Teacher may track what percentage of the workbook has been completed by each student
  • Activities are searchable by activity number
  • Students enter their responses by typing in the spaces provided
  • Each question has a check box for teachers to identify what must still be corrected
  • As in the paper version of these activities, teachers may still track completed and corrected pages of activities at the top of front page of each activity.

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