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Discover the Power of the AIM for Teaching Languages!

DateFebruary 20-21, 2020

    • Workshop for: French, Spanish and Mandarin K-12 

The Accelerative Integrated Methodology (AIM), is a research-based language teaching methodology developed by an Ontario teacher in her classroom and that is now used all over the world to teach languages! It has proven successful at rapidly accelerating students’ oral and written proficiency. 
Many eyes are on the AIM as it is transforming how languages are taught – research published in 2019 in the Netherlands show that AIM students outperform other students in ALL language skills as described in ACTFL and the CEFR!



The Alexander Dawson School
10845 West Desert Inn Road
Las Vegas, NV 89135

Come and learn about a revolutionary methodology that is transforming language education all over the world. Discover how AIM blends the best of language acquisition theory and brain-based research with interactive, systematized and engaging classroom practice, creating astounding results. During this action-packed and interactive workshop, you will learn how your students can become proficient in the target language in less than 100 instructional hours!


French: Wendy Maxwell (the creator of the AIM)

Spanish: Edite Sammons (AIM certified teacher/facilitator, one of the fist AIM teachers/Chief Curriculum Consultant for AIM)

Mandarin: Jen McKinney (AIM certified teacher/facilitatorAIM Australian Representative/Co-author of the AIM Mandarin Kits)


Lunch and Refreshments are included in the workshop price.


'The Elementhotel, directly across the street from the location of the workshop, has provided us with a special conference rate of $131.00 per day

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