All of the popular fluency-building activities that are part of the AIM approach — Choisis le bon mot, Mets les mots en ordre, Les questions totales et partielles — are now available as SMART Board activities!

These professionally produced activities will offer you a fun and interactive alternative to the way you and your students engage in AIM whole-class activities. Not only do we have the important scaffolded language manipulation activities found in the current series, we have added others to enhance your program. In addition, each activity is identified as to which of the multiple intelligences it corresponds. There are several cultural activities included in each SMART Board pack as well.

New activities include:
  • Songwriting
  • Activities that focus on thematic vocabulary
  • Dialogues among play characters
  • Alternative endings to the plays and more


*For a PC digital download you must be able to burn a disc or mount the downloaded .iso file. If you cannot please order the SMART Board CD-ROM for PC.

There are currently no products in this collection.