Get off to a great start in 2019 with an AIM workshop!

Date: November 23 & 24th, 2019 




Algonquin College 
1385 Woodroffe Avenue
Ottawa ON
K2G 1V8


Saturday, November 23rd, 2019:  8:00am-9:00am 


Continental Breakfast and Lunch are included in the workshop price 

Give your students and your teaching practice a boost of energy or move your AIM implementation to a new level. 

“If students could experience this type of learning success in every subject, we would bring education to an entirely different level for our kids! This is truly an incredible methodology.”
-Angelle Rickard, French Teacher
This interactive and practical professional development will give you the opportunity to discover and try some of the AIM’s innovative techniques. Learn the unique tools and strategies used in an AIM classroom.


Beginner/Refresher Core French: Wendy Maxwell, creator of the methodology, will deliver the beginner/refresher training to help teachers new to the methodology get started right away. This workshop is also for teachers who have experience with the AIM and who wish to refresh their skills and move forward with their implementation of the AIM.

Kindergarten/ALF Francophone/French Immersion: Ann Chiasson, Kindergarten teacher in a francophone school district and author of the two new books as well as our AIM Primary readers series, will work with Kindergarten teachers in the Ottawa region, Primary Immersion teachers and ALF Kindergarten Teachers to show how you may use AIM in your program to accelerate language skills and take the methodology into different subject areas! 

What is the AIM?

The Accelerative Integrated Methodology (AIM), is a research-based
language teaching methodology developed by a Canadian teacher 
in her classroom and that is now used in classrooms all
over the world to teach languages! The AIM has proven success at rapidly accelerating students’ oral and written proficiency. 
Many eyes are on the AIM as it is transforming how languages are taught. Research published in 2019 in the Netherlands show that 
AIM students outperform other students in ALL language skills!
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Cancellation policy:

Should you be unable to attend, we refund 90% up to one week before the workshop. Within 7 days of the workshop date, we will not be able to issue a refund.