AIM is fully embracing 21st century education with our Kit Portal, which will give students a wide variety of digital tools to further augment their AIM language learning experience.

When you order this product, you will receive a code to activate your subscription.

The Kit Portal contains:

Videos of:
• all the songs, raps and dances
• the gestures for the kit
• the play, acted by students
• projectable posters
• the gestured play, where applicable

Audio of the songs with the words.

An ereader with images of the play, read aloud to the student. The words, as they are read aloud, are highlighted for the student to see.

Opportunity for the teacher to see how much time each student has spent at home on the Kit Portal.

AIM’s first digital four-colour Teacher’s Guide that describes how to take the strategies and techniques that you learn in the core Teacher’s Guide and take them (in a fully thematically-integrated manner) into other subject areas such as social studies and math. This digital teacher’s guide contains embedded video demonstrating exactly what the activities look like in the primary immersion classroom.

Seven digital readers with highlighted text and audio that form an integral part of the extended literacy approach based on AIM for immersion

32 complimentary logins so that your students may review at home and share their learning with family members!


      Each teacher pays: $149 for the first year's access for 32 Students. Each subsequent year is $89.