Histoires en action ! Assessment Book 2
Helps you to assess your students in the four language skills areas.
This book contains easy-to-use assessment activities. Assessment Book 2 tests for language proficiency through the Histoires en action ! Kits levels three, four and five.
There is a separate unit for an end-of-kit assessment once your students complete any of the Step Four Kits and another at the end of the Step Five Kits and another for the Step Six Kits. In each unit, there is a sight passage with numerous listening, reading, writing and speaking opportunities. These activities assess students' knowledge of vocabulary, spelling and grammar concepts that correspond directly to what was taught in each of the kits. Each set of assessment activities in the book reflects the expected skill development at each stage of the program.
As students are now more experienced and are developing higher levels of proficiency in the language, the corresponding unit tests include appropriate assessment of increasingly higher-level thinking and language skills, while at the same time supporting students through scaffolding for success. The tests reflect the style of language-manipulation activities with which students are familiar in the AIM Kits. As a result, we are testing exclusively the students' ability to apply the language skills that they are developing, rather than their ability figure out how to do the activities.