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Level 2 - 2-Day Training - Refresh, Reinforce and Consolidate - FRENCH with Edite Sammons

Are you ready to improve your AIM teaching practice? A refresher is just what you need! This course will reinforce the AIM approach and will help you drive deeper student engagement.

This is a NEW workshop for AIM teachers! It is designed to provide extensive hands-on experience with a few aspects of AIM that teachers often need to review and reinforce. It is a preparatory workshop for success with Level 3 Up your Game with AIM workshop, which meets the needs of more experienced AIM teachers.

Because you will need to know the step one gestures to do the activities in this workshop, if you fit into any of these categories, we recommend that you repeat Level 1 - Beginner.

  • If you do not know all the gestures from a Step one kit.
  • You have not actively used AIM for the past two years.
  • You have not implemented a Step 1 kit in full.

Come for one day, two days, or all three!

  • Three-Day Core+Specialty Sessions
  • Two-Day Core AIM Sessions
  • One-Day Specialty Sessions
-Tier 1 (Extra Early Bird) - Pricing to April 30, 2023
  • Three-Day $749
  • Two-Day $549
  • One-Day $250

-Tier 2 (Early Bird) - Pricing for May 1st - June 30, 2023

  • Three-Day $799
  • Two-Day $599
  • One-Day $250
-Tier 3 - Pricing after June 30, 2023
  • Three-Day $849
  • Two-Day $649
  • One-Day $250

Note: B.C. Teachers may apply for a Bursary to cover the cost of the Workshop plus travel expenses! Limited availability, so apply TODAY.
Other Provinces: We encourage you to contact your local federation as there are often professional development bursaries available.

Dates: August 13 & 14, 2023 (Two seven-hour days of training/networking)
Times: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
Location: Glendon College, Toronto https://www.yorku.ca/glendon/
Accommodations are available on campus for $44 (plus tax) per night.
Rooms may be booked beginning in May. Please check back here for the link at that time.

PLENARY 8:30 am-9:00 am
Day 1:
Developing further oral language skills

In these sessions you will:
  • improve your understanding of and practice with the basic Gesture Approach techniques
  • receive extensive hands-on practice with TLSE/Spontaneous gesturing, to improve your proficiency with the ongoing gesturing with your class
  • learn how to maximize language use through basic oral questions and other activities
  • learn simple, effective vocabulary-building oral activities/games

Day 2:
Moving forward with written proficiency

In these sessions you will:
  • review some basic written modelling techniques as well as ones that push students further in their ability to maximize language use and begin to edit their own work
  • review and extend your knowledge of AIM classroom systems and routines that develop language proficiency and engagement during written partner/group activities
  • develop your skills in implementing one of AIM's most important creative Activities: Story Retelling

    BUNDLE your 2-day training with our Specialty Sessions on August 15th!

    1-Day AIM Specialty Sessions (Regular Price $250.00)

    Date: August 15, 2023

    Registration (for new participants) -  8:00am

    Workshop details:

    1. Games in the AIM Classroom  with Dan Bart, Certified AIM teacher/facilitator

    Prerequisite: For teachers of Core French/FSL or Immersion students, (Grades 2 and up), who have taken Level 1 Beginner AIM Training.

    In this 90-minute session, you will:

    • observe and learn several fun and motivating games developed by Dan Bart, Richard Smith and Karen Oraas as well as:
    • learn how games are incorporated into the AIM classroom using AIM techniques such as TLSE
    • understand how games can be used to review taught material and target language
    • learn why games are so useful for supporting engagement, variety, and spontaneity in the second language classroom.

    2. Hands-on basic Gesture Practice with Wendy Maxwell, Creator of the AIM

    Prerequisite: For teachers of Core French/FSL or Immersion students (Grades 2 and up) who have taken Level 1 Beginner AIM Training.

    In this 90-minute interactive session, Wendy will review important high-frequency gestures. You will practise teacher-led self-expression, how to vary your gesture reviews, how to conduct an 'Opposites Review' and some targeted work with gestures relating to grammar. Wendy will also take requests based on the needs/interests of the group!

    3. Classroom Management - with Pauline Galea, AIM certified Teacher/Mentor, host of Parlez avec Pauline

    Prerequisite: For teachers of Core French/FSL or Immersion students (Grades 2 and up) who have taken Level 1 Beginner AIM Training.

    In this 90-minute session, we will focus on:

    • reviewing the AIM strategies and techniques designed to support your classroom management
    • introducing new strategies developed that have worked effectively such as 'le prof du jour'
    • sharing with each other additional systems and strategies that have been effective

    4. La vie en action ! Developing creativity with silent movies 
    with Richard Smith, Certified AIM teacher/facilitator

    Prerequisite: For teachers of Core French/FSL or Immersion students (Grades 2 and up) who have taken at minimum Level 2 Training and who have completed a Step 2 Kit or above, confidently implementing Story Retelling and Extension with their students.

    In this 90-minute session, Richard will show you how to use a silent movie to promote the development of descriptive vocabulary, thinking skills and creativity in a fun and motivating way! This workshop is for teachers whose students already have a developed proficiency in French and who have experienced both story retelling and story extension.

    5. On AIMe la cuisine ! Fun with Cooking in the AIM Classroom
    with Mardi Michels, AIM Certified Teacher/Facilitator and author of 'In the French Kitchen with Kids'

    Prerequisite: For teachers of Core French/FSL or Immersion students (Grades 2 and up) who have taken Level 1 Beginner AIM Training.

    In this 90-minute session, we will focus on:

    • Learn how to "AIM-ify" culture in the French classroom
    • Experience Mardi's units of study around cooking and food for the play Comment y aller and the reader, Jean-Michel, acrobate
    • Learn how to have students research typical ingredients and recipes, write research questions and present their knowledge in various formats (including "Tasty-style" cooking videos)
    • Learn how to structure a similar unit based on student interest and ability, all using the PDL to make the activities accessible to all 


    Refund Policy: 
    Up to one week before date of workshop: 90% REFUND.
    No Refund if cancellation less than seven days before workshop.