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      In response to teacher feedback, these new Kits have many new features... more technology, alignment with the CEFR, fully-described lesson plans, additional assessment activities and focus on metacognition.

      We're excited to now include:
      • 85 Daily Lesson Plans that include recommended entry routines, whole-Class and partner/group activities, leaving routines and student Portal review at home
      • Suggestions for developing student metacognition
      • Selection of Action-Oriented Activities
      • Assessment Activities, including CAN DO statements for students and teachers Portfolio Assessment
        • New Partner/Group Activities - Oral and Written
        • Teacher Portal with 32 complimentary student logins
        • Gesture Database so that you may look up any gesture!
        The Play

        In this traditional story the three pigs set out to build their own houses. The first pig builds a house of straw, the second builds a house of wood, and the third builds a house of bricks. The wolf arrives at each of the first two houses, and because they are built of weaker materials, blows them down.

        This story is the first play of the Histoires en action ! series. It is a very popular play with teachers and students. Its familiarity and subsequent predictability prove to be an excellent entry point for students learning a new language, or those beginning this methodology for the first time. Les trois petits cochons has pleasant repetition and easy to learn. Students will be able to chime in to the words of the pigs or the wolf, even upon first presentation, if encouraged to do so. The vocabulary is predictable, as students come to the storyline in French with a context and background from the English version — a definite plus when trying to put students at ease, and this will help them to learn new vocabulary quickly.  

        Whole-Class Activities Book

        Including whole-class activities in ten-minute segments, classroom systems, a master calendar, evaluation blackline masters, vocabulary lists and game cards.

        Partner/Group Activities Book: Blackline Masters

        Including the play, vocabulary list, language-manipulation activities, simple and more complex questions based on the story, creative writing activities and words to the accompanying songs.

        Assessment Book
        CEFR Book
        Big Book
        Posters and Image Cards
        • Image cards of words not gestured
        • Song and rap posters with lyrics
        AIM Kit Portal (One year subscription)
        • The songs (with instrumental versions)
        • Fun classroom raps (with instrumental versions)
        • E-reader of the story with highlighted text and audio
        • Gestured vocabulary for this kit
        • Music videos 
        • The play gestured for this kit
        • The play performed with TV series quality production
        • A first class with AIM
        • Additional Teacher Instructional Videos
        • Complimentary access for 32 students 

        Enhance your kit with the following extras:


        Une aventure d'Halloween !- Reader

        On Halloween evening Claire wanders into a haunted house where she encounters some very strange characters. This fun-filled adventure is about a young girl who thinks that she is a very brave person but discovers that ghosts can be more of a challenge than she first imagined.

        Story: Wendy Maxwell
        Illustrations: Stan Gadziola
        Appropriate for ages: 7-12

        2 2 3 4

        André et sa famille- Reader

        This story takes place in Québec in the early 18th century. A family of pioneers are settling into rural life. One day the family goes off into the woods to pick berries. Seven-year-old André gets separated from his older sister and his parents. A young Huron boy finds him and returns him to his thankful family. Suitable for all elementary students with a basic proficiency.

        Story: Matt Maxwell
        Illustrations: Adrien Deggan
        Appropriate for ages: 7-12

        1 2 3 4

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