• Step 1 - La poule Maboule kit


    • Enhance your kit with the following extras:

      Student Workbook

      Student Workbooks contain the written activities as well as all the reference materials for student use during partner/group activities.

      AIM Portal

      Our AIM Online Portal will give students tools to continue their AIM  learning experience at home, so that proficiency will develop even faster in class!

      *See kit description, contents, suggested readers & AIM training information below!

      Teacher resources 

      This is the adapted version of the popular fairy tale, La poule Maboule. It is the perfect way for very young student to begin a new story. They come to the new language with a known context, so that words are predictable. Lots of repetition and humor are found throughout to engage students from the very first day!

      Now primary students in both all types of language classes can get the full benefit of this approach. Both Core and Immersion teachers have been thrilled with Histoires en action ! pour les tout petits 1A, the AIM resource for young beginners. Based on an enchanting folk tale story adapted by Wendy Maxwell, with songs and raps co-written with Matt Maxwell, this kit will entrance and entertain younger students. Watch their language proficiency levels improve rapidly.


      Whole-Class Activities Book

      Including whole-class activities in ten-minute segments, classroom systems, a master calendar, evaluation blackline masters, vocabulary lists and game cards.

      Partner/Group Activities Book: Blackline Masters

      Including the play, vocabulary list, language-manipulation activities, simple and more complex activities based on the story, creative writing activities and words to the accompanying songs.

      Big Book
      • The play with colour images in large print (11” x 17” format)
      • The play is also available on PowerPoint™
      Posters and Image Cards
      • Image cards of words not gestured
      • Song and rap lyrics
      Audio CD
      • The songs (with instrumental versions)
      • Fun Classroom Raps (with instrumental versions)
      • Program Guide
      • PowerPoint™ of the play
      • Letters to parents and other reference materials.
      • Gestured vocabulary for this kit
      • Music videos 
      • The play gestured for this kit
      • The play performed with TV series quality production

      Enhance your kit with the following extras:

      La fête du loup Foufou- Reader

      We revisit the characters from La poule Maboule in this quaint story. It is Foufou the wolf's birthday. All his friends want to find presents for him. But where is Fiston, the sheep? We follow the adventures of this gang of friends.

      Story: Madalena Sperti
      Illustrations: Stan Gadziola
      Appropriate for ages: 4-7

      1 2 3 4

      Minuit le chien- Reader

      Minuit is a happy puppy who lives with his mother and five brothers and sisters. One day he follows a mouse and loses his way home. Terrified and trembling, he hides behind a box near a house. A girl opens the door and immediately takes him in. Minuit is happy again.

      Story: Wendy Maxwell
      Illustrations: Stan Gadziola
      Appropriate for ages: 4-7

      image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4

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