FINALLY...After 4 years...we're back!!!

About Summer Institute

Connect in person and share best practices with teachers from across North America and around the world who share a passion for languages and innovative teaching practices.

The Summer Institute will enable new teachers to learn about the unique techniques and strategies used in the AIM, and experienced teachers to deepen their knowledge and skills.

A wealth of topics will be covered for both new and experienced AIM teachers.

AIM is a balanced literacy approach that uses effective strategies and techniques to accelerate language acquisition. Through its multimodal design, AIM is a methodology that provides support for all learners with varying learning styles, intelligences and strengths. Embedded in the design of the methodology are many principles of Universal Design for Learning and AIM has proven to be successful at ensuring that inclusion is possible in a second language classroom!

Our AIM Summer Institute will include:

  • a Plenary on the on the first day of each workshop series;
  • prize draws at each Plenary, plus a big draw for all participants on the last Plenary;
  • a live product demonstration in each of the 2-day workshops;
  • discounts on all AIM resources for participants.

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Workshops Available:

  • Level 1 - Let's get Started with AIM - Wendy Maxwell
  • Level 2 - Refresh, Reinforce and Consolidate - Edite Sammons
  • Level 3 - Up your Game with AIM - Jen McKinney

August 15, 2023 - Day Three, Specialty Sessions:

  • Hands-on Basic Gesture Practice - Wendy Maxwell
  • On AIMe la cuisine - Mardi Michels
  • Games in the AIM Classroom - Dan Bart
  • Classroom Management - Pauline Galea
  • La vie en action ! Developing creativity with silent movies - Richard Smith

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Glendon College, Toronto

Accommodations are available on campus for $44 (plus tax) per night.

To book your room, click the link below. Name of event is AIM Summer Institute:


There are two parking lots:  
  1. The upper lot is close to the building we are in, but has limited spots - $15/day on weekdays. 
  2. The lower lot is about a 10-minute walk uphill - $10/day on weekdays.
Sunday is $5/day in either lot.


  • Breakfast is included on the first day. 
  • Mid-morning snack and lunch are included on all three days.
  • Snack breaks provided throughout the conference.
  • There will be an optional buffet dinner on the evening of Day 2 (Aug 14th), with a fun Social/Games Night and cash bar.
    Save $10 if you bundle with your workshops. $45 bundled / $55 if purchased separately. 



Come for one day, two days, or all three!

  • Three-Day Core+Specialty Sessions
  • Two-Day Core AIM Sessions
  • One-Day Specialty Sessions

Register early to take advantage of our Early Bird rates!


-Tier 1 SAVE $100 (Extra Early Bird) - Pricing to April 30, 2023
  • Three-Day $749
  • Two-Day $549
  • One-Day $250

-Tier 2  SAVE $50 (Early Bird) - Pricing for May 1st - June 30, 2023
  • Three-Day $799
  • Two-Day $599
  • One-Day $250

-Tier 3 FULL PRICE - Pricing after June 30, 2023
  • Three-Day $849
  • Two-Day $649
  • One-Day $250


Cancellation Policy:

Up to one week before date of workshop: 90% REFUND.
No Refund if cancellation less than seven days before workshop.

Note: We have availability in all workshops unless noted as "SOLD OUT".