French Teaching Kits

For information on which kit is right for you, please refer to the chart below.
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Each kit provides 50 hours of instructional material

AIM Proficiency Levels

  • LEVEL 1 Rudimentary Proficiency
  • LEVEL 2 Developing Proficiency
  • LEVEL 3 Working Proficiency

* Please note: regardless of age or experience level in French, all students should begin AIM with a Step 1 kit.

Useful tips:

Do you have mixed classes... Some with AIM, some with no AIM experience? If significantly more than 50% of students have reached a certain Kit Step, (e.g. Step 2) move to the next Step (e.g. Step 3). If much fewer than 50% of students have AIM experience and have reached no further than a Step 2, begin with a Step 1 Kit. Be sure not to repeat a story that the students with AIM experience have used.

Moving across series

If your grade one/two students have completed La poule Maboule and Le petit chat, and you wish to move into the Histoires en action series, begin with Boucles Violettes in grade two/three.. For more information on the kits please visit the AIM website at or contact us at 604-984-0015.